What I Read Last Week:


Stuff I Read This Week:

Fall Ahead


A small bear enjoys the slide in a Succasunna backyard. / Courtesy of Chris Vanadia – The Daily Record (N.J.)

listening :: WSOU and Smash Mouth September – sometimes;

watching :: out for more opportunities and gigs;

reading :: Lessons from my Yoga Teacher (about reference work) and a lot of articles 😦 ;

wanting :: a Reese’s PB Cup s’more, and a nap;

working :: on my final portfolio and embracing school ;

writing :: many, many discussions posts (Welcome back, classes) and journaling;

thinking :: gigs, fall running events, s’mores, birthdays, and business cards styles (I dig this one).

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

What are you up to?