TBT – National Poetry Month : 30 in 30

April in National Poetry Month.

From Jared:

Thirty//Thirty 2014 04/30: Flipping

I journey back
through the past
few pages
and wonder:

“Where do I come up with this stuff?”


Bones & Scones Gets Props

Partners in Crime: How Indie Authors and Libraries Can Work Together to Gain New Readers

I’ve been working on a project with Library Journal and the SELF-e program and my baby, Bones & Scones, got a mention. I love doing this program because of the community voices and unique genre that is highlighted. Plus, scones!

Here’s a picture from the 2015 Bones & Scones event:

MMW Panel 10-2015 1

What I Read Last Week:

Like white noise, but walrus sounds.

What I Read Last Week:


The Independence Day, 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Winner

What I Read Last Week:

Stuff I Read This Week:

30/30 Poetry Challenge

Several of my friends participated in a challenge where they wrote a poem a day for the duration of April. Jared and Tiffany did great! Some of their gems:

Bearded Ballads 28/30: Crosswalk

 Morning fog
to have burned off,
but here comes the sun.
Head swims
through the thickness
as I’m hailed
name called
over and again
if that’s me
backwards, along
soupy grooves.
across the street
not looking both ways
ever inward.
in the darkness of the day.
I see, if only too late
this song
isn’t about you.
No, I’m full
eating blackbird tonite.
Shouldn’t have had that
second slice
of humble pie.

30in30, Day 21: “Unexpected Irises”

Unexpected irises
out of the gray earth,
so blue they hurt,
so bright my eyes narrow;
but oh! When I spot them,
I stop.
What bird dropped them there,
in the lee of the streetlamp?
I stare, arrested by the
of lavender tongues tasting the air,
which smells of thunder,
lichen, river,
mushrooms, moss,

and Spring.

On Writing: A memoir of the craft

On Writing

Kim is the Young Adult Librarian at the library I work for when I am home. We have similar tastes in books and music, and would rather write books than shelf them.Kim badgered me to read On Writing: a memoir of the craft, by Stephen King, while I was home during the summer, but I never got around to it. Her goal was to finish writing a novel by the time she had children. Little Bobby is a adorable and I knew after he arrived that I should give On Writing my attention.

On Writing mixes life story with teaching. Biographies usually don’t have a goal, but King display how his life and writing are intertwined. His stories are twisted and graphic because, well, his life was very graphic and twisted. No idea for a story is truly original; they were all inspired by something. The point of it all is that stories are all “fossils” of reality. King’s approach to grammar is thus- “The road to hell is paved with adverbs”. A “he said” says the same action as a “he swiftly stated”. If you write well, you can say it how it is without over using adjectives and adverbs. The superfluous of his mother’s varicose leg veins still makes me cringe.

Stephen King is spared from my harsh opinion of proliferate writers. He definitely has a formula, but there just exist a humor in his writing that makes me want to give him more of a chance than Grisham, Grafton, Patterson and Macomber. Carrie is good and Under the Dome I am trudging my way through (still enjoyable). The first between is his first novel and his most recent novel are evident, but both are very King.

All in all, when your librarian tells you to read a book- read it.

Thumbs: 2 out of 2