What I Read Last Week – 2/28/18

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka

These are actually a bunch I’ve had in the queue for awhile, but I am still happy to share them.

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Love List – 10/23

Winter Is Coming – The Steel Wheels

The Folk Show – Produced by WPSU and fine purveyor of the best folk music over the airwaves. I have an alarm set on my phone so I can spend Sunday nights with TFS even across the country because no other radio shows or playlists compare. 

Farmers Markets – On Sundays I visit a local farmers market and pick-up a bouquet of mixed flowers from my favorite farmer. It’s a great to mix it up in the community and see a part of town I don’t make it out to during the week. Plus, The bouquets are $6 and stay beautiful all week. This week I changed it up and picked-up a small bouquet of roses.

Meal Prep – Last month was bonkers with Big Read programming and I practiced some level of responsbility with making meals ahead — chicken cutlets, a pitcher of iced tea, and breakfast burritos. I wrapped the burritos and put them in the freeze. Now I can have a good breakfast (or maybe breakfast for dinner…) through the week.

Community Arts Workshop – An awesome space and organization, and this month I made a small clay pendant during one of their partnership exhibit Guatemala from 33,000 km: Contemporary Art, 1960 – Present with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

Love List – 10/2

Collapsible Laundry Basket – I thought it was time to upgrade from the net hamper-turned laundry basked from college and this basket is perfect. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon bonus!

LA Dodgers – A friend surprised me for my birthday with a trip to see the LA Dodgers vs the San Francisco Giants. I’m trying not to be a band-wagoner, but I think of the Dodgers fondly by another name.

McConnell’s Ice Cream – The most excellent ice cream. While it is considered very hip and high-brow, this ice cream is simply quality, delicious ice cream from Santa Barbara. 

DuolingoI am on a personal and professional mission to learn Spanish. 

Grief Relief 5K – The Grief Relief 5K is a special annual Fall event. The 5K serves as a fundraiser to support Comfort Zone Camp, a bereavement organization that assists children who have experience the loss of a parent, sibling or caregiver via camp programs that include confidence-building activities and aged-based support groups.. It’s a special program to me and my sister. By coincidence and connection, her sorority little is a major force in the CZC community and its been a meaningful few years getting to support the organization and participate.   

Family and Friends – This week I am traveling to the mid-Atlantic. My itinerary is ambitious to say the least: SB->LA, LA->NJ, NJ->PA, PA->NJ Shore, NJ Shore->Newark Airport, NJ->LA, LA->SB. But it is worth it. I am happy in California, but it about time I see some of my people and my home again. Social media and technology has kept most people in my life – but I have majorly failed with email and letters and keeping up with some other folks. I do enjoy talking to my friend Louisa most Saturday mornings, though. (The day and time allows for long calls, as we are wont to fall into and I love the fact that she worked on a project with my friend Tony Constaine, aka Dime Sleuth in the web-world.)


What I Read Last Week:


What I Read Last Week:

Like white noise, but walrus sounds.

What I Read Last Week:



What I Read Last Week:

What I Read (and Listened to) Last Week:

What I Read Last Week: