What I’ve Been Reading – 10/31/18

Happy Halloween!

Currently – 2/17

So proud of my goodgood podcast-turned-streaming media platform boys.

listening :: On Being and the new era of The Splendid Table (soon) ;

reading :: Mockingbird: I Can Explain and A Bee in Her Bonnet;

eating :: iced coffee and a leftover bagel;

making :: empty boxes be not-so empty and marinated chicken (yay, freezer clean-out);

thinking :: about switching up my WordPress theme (there’s a lot of un-editable theme features that bug me), on wrapping loose-ends, my new job, and starting the address/accounts change process;

loving :: these pens (I found one in the library last week and I’ve been in love since) and Whole Foods iced matcha;

looking ahead :: to the next 14 days being next-level bonkers. Tally-ho!

What are you guys up?


Today’s the Day – The Unlovables 

listening :: a lot of emo music (the theme of this past week) and a variety of comedy podcasts; 

reading :: NJLA conference proposals and my junk email account;

eating :: iced coffee with coconut milk (I know it is 50° outside);

writing :: a library technology class outline and my most recent reviews for Library Journal (so happy to be reviewing again);

loving :: everything about the MBMBAM community;

looking ahead :: to maybe running a race tomorrow and some peace next week. 

What are you guys up?


A Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World

listening :: to the back catalog of My Brother, My Brother and Me and some Too Beautiful to Live;

reading :: I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam and finished up the (currently available) trades of The Wicked + the Divine;

eating :: a medium Starbucks cold brew (black) and a beef and potato empanada;

writing :: Halloween cards and an outline for Nanowrimo;

following :: the impending APSCUF strike in Pennsylvania;

reflecting :: on my career, my undergrad years, relationships, poems, and teen/tween programming (all that Sunday stuff).

What are you guys up?


I just love how romantic and upbeat this song is — exactly what one needs at the close.

listening :: ^this song on repeat (which happens to be the theme song for the rip-roaringly interesting Beautiful/Anonymous), back episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me. You know, just some real high-brow stuff;

watching :: Olympics coverage (when I can);

reading :: still Love and Friendship, and Critical Library Instruction: Theories & Methods (Emily is BPM Omicron’s fall lecture – so excited!);

eating :: a mini chocolate cupcake, leftover blondies, and (later tonight) pasta salad;

working :: whittling down my inboxes (they haven’t been zero-ed out all summer), on all things ASF16, and preparations for camp next week;

writing :: a lot of emails to the library’s website developer, encouraging emails to other librarians, and a letter to future CC;

thinking :: completing my term as a YAC coordinator, hard decisions, the relief that comes with those hard decisions, Fall races, and blondie recipes.

What are you guys up?