Podcast: SBPL Coffee Break

My coworker and I launched a podcast with our library! 

We look forward to talking to our coworkers and community members about anything and everything related to libraries, reading, music, coffee, and community. 


What I Read Last Week – 4/4/18

What are you reading?

Love List – 4/1/18

2018 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team – Never fails to crack me up

Smiling Mind app – As meditation is trendy and there are plenty of apps and programs profiteering from said trend, Smiling Mind is a delightful and slightly bizarre non-profit organization interested in getting people to pay attention more through mindfulness meditation. Plus, there are so many courses to go down and the guide has a wonderful Austrailian lilt to their voice. 

Cheryl’s cookies – My aunt’s family sent me an Easter basket from Cheryl’s and holy cow – the frosted sugar cookies are so good. 

Los Angeles Public Library – California is a wonderful place where for most libraries, as long as you live somewhere in the state of California and have something that proves that, you can get a library card. SBPL is one of those places, as well as the Los Angeles Public Library system. LAPL is not especially close to me to borrow books from, but libraries aren’t just about the books.

Small life update – A few weeks ago I had an accident. I was helping a friend down a flight of stairs who was new to using crutches. It did not completely well; We were both fine, but I landed mostly on my nose. I have been diagnosed with a “nondisplaced fracture.” My nose is broken…in place, which is great and horrifying at the same time. 

Have a good week.



April 2018 Goals

April 2018

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Revisiting January 2018

  • Read 3 books – nope
  • Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue – ugh 50/50
  • Assemble the bookcase – Done! Which was a nightmare and involved damaged parts and return/refund policies
  • Confirm new insurance with my practitioners – Done!
  • Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going – Done! And I’ve written about loving it
  • Submit paperwork to attend ALA Midwinter – Done! #MW18 was great
  • Host my friend KW on his work trip – Done! It was lovely having a friend in town
  • Go through the last three moving boxes -…

April 2018

Happy April!

2018 Goals and January Goals

We have a bit of catching up today. I have so many words to share with you. My employer was closed from December 23 – January 1 for a combination building maintance/holiday break, so I traveled home to New Jersey for the first extended time since I moved to California (nearly!) a year ago.

That all said, these are a bit late —

18 for 18

  • Take a Spanish language class
  • See the Santa Barbara Fiesta parade
  • Take a NJ/PA trip
  • See a professional play
  • Celebrate K+F’s wedding
  • Call LB, LC, and Mike O. 3x a month.
  • Call NS 1x a month
  • Read American Wife (Curtis Sittenfeld)
  • Catch-up on The Austen Project books
  • Plan a vacation
  • Join a museum/social group
  • Earn the Stadia Board ranking with USGS National Map Corps.
  • Sign-up for a LAPL card
  • Camp the Channel Islands
  • Read 50 books
  • Get a fire extinguisher for my apartment
  • Pay off my rogue student loan and pay off half of my alternative student loan balance
  • Replace/Invest in my footwear – (those $12.99 Target flats are no longer cutting it, no matter how cute/cheap they are)

My word of 2018 is Celebration. I know, “How hard is celebrating things” but for me it is kind of difficult. 

2018 Races

And as for January 2018

  • Read 3 books
  • Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue
  • Assemble the bookcase
  • Confirm new insurance with my practioners
  • Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going
  • Submit paperwork to attend ALA Midwinter
  • Host my friend KW on his work trip
  • Go through the last three moving boxes


Go forth and be awesome.



September and Fall Goals

New month, new music

I like September for multiple reasons. September is: my birthday month, the month school traditionally starts in the Mid-Atlantic (Hello, back to school supplies), and the month when pumpkins start popping up. In the spirit of a new school year, I am in a goal-setting. Here are my goals for September and the Fall season (September-November): 

September Goals

  • Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding
  • Implement cleaning strategy
  • Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week)
  • Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl
  • Enter the library’s picnic entry competition (long story)
  • Read 2 books
  • Celebrate Birthday!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Finish work plan (for work)

Fall Goals

Happy September!

“Is there anything better than the smell of new comic books wrapped in a brown paper bag.” – 7 year-old library user 

My New Employer Requested a Few Introductory Sentences to Distribute to the Staff – So this is what I wrote:

“Hello! I was born and raised in the New Jersey and am now trading in the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific. I have worked in a variety of libraries for the last 10 years in a variety of capacities across Pennsylvania and New Jersey – one of which made a cameo in a movie. I love coffee, running, cozy mysteries, podcasts, and apps (both the food kind and the digital kind). I believe that patience is essential when interacting with technology, and I look forward to getting to know all of you and the Santa Barbara community.”