What I Read Last Week:


Au Revoir, Au Revoir


(Seen at Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA – one of my favorite bookstores)

listening :: Au Revoir (prep for tonight) and Run, Forever

watching :: The Kings of Summer trailer (Nick Offerman!) and Real Housewives of New Jersey/Orange County (Thanks, Kaytlyn)

reading :: Relish and Bitter is the New Black – in love with both

wanting :: To go geocaching with Mike, NJLA (!!!) next week, and I also need to go shopping for socks/fabric

working :: the LISSA website, the fall gallery display, and summer training

writing :: just book reviews and blog posts; maybe an outline for this summer’s Camp NaNoWriMo – “The Tale of Toby”

thinking :: what my summer class will be like, more visits, traveling, and my car.

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

What are you guys up?