What I Read Last Week – 4/18/18


Peach Scone – Hobo Johnson & The LoveMakers


Love List – 1/15/18

A week ago my community was rocked by a devastating mudslide, directly caused by the Thomas Fire. While I am safe and sound, 6 miles away from me lives were lost and many people are without their homes. So this week, hug your family and support others in any way you can.

United Way of Ventura and the United Way of Santa Barbara

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

Sutthithepa Family Recovery Fund

Love List – 10/2

Collapsible Laundry Basket – I thought it was time to upgrade from the net hamper-turned laundry basked from college and this basket is perfect. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon bonus!

LA Dodgers – A friend surprised me for my birthday with a trip to see the LA Dodgers vs the San Francisco Giants. I’m trying not to be a band-wagoner, but I think of the Dodgers fondly by another name.

McConnell’s Ice Cream – The most excellent ice cream. While it is considered very hip and high-brow, this ice cream is simply quality, delicious ice cream from Santa Barbara. 

DuolingoI am on a personal and professional mission to learn Spanish. 

Grief Relief 5K – The Grief Relief 5K is a special annual Fall event. The 5K serves as a fundraiser to support Comfort Zone Camp, a bereavement organization that assists children who have experience the loss of a parent, sibling or caregiver via camp programs that include confidence-building activities and aged-based support groups.. It’s a special program to me and my sister. By coincidence and connection, her sorority little is a major force in the CZC community and its been a meaningful few years getting to support the organization and participate.   

Family and Friends – This week I am traveling to the mid-Atlantic. My itinerary is ambitious to say the least: SB->LA, LA->NJ, NJ->PA, PA->NJ Shore, NJ Shore->Newark Airport, NJ->LA, LA->SB. But it is worth it. I am happy in California, but it about time I see some of my people and my home again. Social media and technology has kept most people in my life – but I have majorly failed with email and letters and keeping up with some other folks. I do enjoy talking to my friend Louisa most Saturday mornings, though. (The day and time allows for long calls, as we are wont to fall into and I love the fact that she worked on a project with my friend Tony Constaine, aka Dime Sleuth in the web-world.)


Lately – 9/29

listening :: to the new Mastodon EP (the above is my favorite track – this is the live performance, where I think the three of trying to clap together is charming) and the Wonderful podcast with Griffin and Rachel McElroy; 

reading :: Duolingo, daily;

drinking :: a lot of water;

making :: meatballs and travel plans;

thinking :: about new routines and habits, and OPAC improvements;

loving :: these pens have been rocking my world and Trader Joe’s pre-sliced mozzarella;

looking ahead :: the Chumash pow-wow and KPCC Open HouseKPCC Open House this weekend, and traveling to New Jersey/PA for…K+J’s wedding!

What are you guys up?

What I’m Reading – 9/13

I am the reason that print journalism is still alive and I have happened to find the last place on Earth that it is mostly thriving in – as long as we ignore this thing. There are an array of local news and culture weekly newspapers. I read the Santa Barbara Independent, the Sentinel, the Montecito Journal, and the Carpinteria Coastal View. I feel like I am catching-up on my new community; learning the annual practices and events. Maybe this time next year I’ll have a more discerning palate, but for now I am eating it all up.

What are you reading?

1/30 – Missed Connections


You were the surfer in shorts concerned that the water was cold and I was the woman going to watch the sunset at Campus Point. You had a nice smile and thought I went to UCSB.

I hope you caught at least one wave before bailing.

The sunset was perfect.

Usually I don’t participate in writing challenges, but I don’t know – the 2017 poetry month challenge felt good for this year. Especially as a way for me to document my new times in California.

What I Read Last Week:

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail


A storm is bearing down on the East Coast and there is an eerie calm-before-the-storm sensation outside. People are stocking up on essentials, but at the same time, everyone is hanging-out, just waiting. Waiting for the uncertain. I am about to go into work, but before I go, I wanted to remark that I finished Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

With the nature of my job (and lack of self-control), I get sucked into reading crazes easily. I understood the general gist of this book: girl’s mom dies, girl backpacks to find clarity. But, I found much more in Strayed’s story than that. I found her well-documented descriptions of the realities of hiking and her detailed descriptions of the landscape of the Pacific Crest Trail. Most importantly though, I was enveloped in her sense of peace.

At the start of the story, Strayed bottomed-out. Her mother was dead, her siblings were scattered, she was recently divorced, and had a minor affair with drugs. Not exactly the description of a world-class hiker? But in a way it is. People hike for personal, internal reasons. As Strayed hiked along the trail, she encountered many different kinds of hikers. The Eagle Scout. The Honeymooners. The Adventurer. She didn’t consider herself among them, until near the end of her hike from southern California up to Oregon. Nothing made her any different from her fellow hikers. They were one. They each encountered their own struggles on the trail, but still, they survived. They conquered. They endured.


An aside, I loved the brief mention of Mt. Whitney in southern California. This past summer I had the chance to visit the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, New York where this painting was on display:

Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney. Albert Bierstadt.

The image doesn’t do the actual painting justice. I hope to see this site in reality someday.

Strayed included this quote:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”

– Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”

I have an idea for mine. What do you plan to do with yours?

Thumbs: 2 out of 2.