Lately – 2/23/18

The Wolf – Mumford and Sons

watching :: the Great British Bake Off remains to be my jam (or perhaps my choux:p);

reading :: Sarah Dessen’s Once and For All and some new-to-me blogs;

drinking :: iced tea, to-go;

sewing :: some new projects;

thinking :: career development strategies, learning management systems, and chocolate;

loving :: East Beach Tacos, friends’ successes and Instagram stories (never was one for reality TV but welcome to the new paradigm);

looking ahead :: to Stay Sweet, a brow appointment, the Broad Street 10-Miler (of all the lotteries to win…), and just this weekend.

What are you guys up?


What I am I Reading – 1/17/18

One of the nice parts of joining a gym is that I have access to cable television again. (I have a television, but do not have cable.) I’ve been runited with good ol‘ HGTV and the posse there. When I couldn’t get enough of Fixer Upper I ended up finding the hosts’ (Chip and Joanna Gaines) book The Magnolia Story on Hoopla and listened to that over the long weekend. As a fan of the show, I loved the book and found that it provided more depth to the pair. That being said, they stay very solidly in their schtick. Other things

The Rumpus | The Ghost Ship That Didn’t Care You (Not new, but an article I like to re-read every so often)

Grub Street | Milk Bar’s First-Ever Investor Calls Christina Tosi ‘Martha Stewart for this Generation’

Bon Appetit | Thank You God, for Black Thanksgiving

New York Times | Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

NPR | ‘I’m an American’ Radio Show Promoted Inclusion Before World War II | How This New Jersey Town Realized it had a Multi-Million Dollar Rodin Dust

Washington Post | Two Dying Memorists Wrote Bestsellers About Their Final Days. Then Their Spouses Fell In Love.

Food52 | The Lady Falcon Coffee Club: Home of Rule-Breaking Blends

New York Times | Raising a Truly Bilingual Child

What are you reading?





Love List – 1/8/18

Charisma – Pianos Become the Teeth released this track ahead of their full album release for Wait For Love (2/16). They’ve transitioned remarkably from their early, scream-o years into equally thoughtful but more melodic.

Happier in Hollywood – I am a regular listener of the Happier podcast with Gretchen and Liz, but for whatever reason I put off listening to this companion podcast – featuring Elizabeth and her writing partner Sara. Maybe it needed to come to meet at the right time (I listened to Happier while in NJ and Gretchen lives in NY; I picked Happier in Hollywood living in SB and Liz and Sara live in LA.) In any case, this is a delightful listen.

Moleskine monthly and weekly calendars – I love the pocket size of these planners and that the weekly’s page spread has dated grids on one side and a page on the other. (Sometimes there are things I want to accomplish in a week, but necessarily a specific day!)

The Great British Bake-Off – While home-capative during the Thomas Fire and I was reacquainted with my Netflix account and have fallen deeply in love with this show. It’s the perfect white noise and the creation of “puddings” has hypnotic qualities.

Prince Harry/Meghan Markle Royal EngagementWhile you should never bind your happiness up in other people (because, ugh people are messy creatures), I am very looking forwarding to another Spring royal wedding.

FitBit Charge 2 + YMCA – For Christmas, one of my relatives very generously gifted me and my younger sister FitBit fitness trackers. Then, the YMCA ran a special with a discounted January membership rate plus waiving the joiner’s fee on their open house day. Done and done! I had been eyeing both purchases for a while, but couldn’t commit to the hefty price of either. (wtf, joiner’s fee?) This combination is a great start to 2018.

2018 Goals and January Goals

We have a bit of catching up today. I have so many words to share with you. My employer was closed from December 23 – January 1 for a combination building maintance/holiday break, so I traveled home to New Jersey for the first extended time since I moved to California (nearly!) a year ago.

That all said, these are a bit late —

18 for 18

  • Take a Spanish language class
  • See the Santa Barbara Fiesta parade
  • Take a NJ/PA trip
  • See a professional play
  • Celebrate K+F’s wedding
  • Call LB, LC, and Mike O. 3x a month.
  • Call NS 1x a month
  • Read American Wife (Curtis Sittenfeld)
  • Catch-up on The Austen Project books
  • Plan a vacation
  • Join a museum/social group
  • Earn the Stadia Board ranking with USGS National Map Corps.
  • Sign-up for a LAPL card
  • Camp the Channel Islands
  • Read 50 books
  • Get a fire extinguisher for my apartment
  • Pay off my rogue student loan and pay off half of my alternative student loan balance
  • Replace/Invest in my footwear – (those $12.99 Target flats are no longer cutting it, no matter how cute/cheap they are)

My word of 2018 is Celebration. I know, “How hard is celebrating things” but for me it is kind of difficult. 

2018 Races

And as for January 2018

  • Read 3 books
  • Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue
  • Assemble the bookcase
  • Confirm new insurance with my practioners
  • Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going
  • Submit paperwork to attend ALA Midwinter
  • Host my friend KW on his work trip
  • Go through the last three moving boxes


Go forth and be awesome.



2017 – A List

This time last year I was impatiently waiting to hear about the results of my background check. One year later, I am employed with the seeker of that background check and live on a completely different coast.

What a world.

Each year I keep a list (just a few words; mostly of food and I rarely remember what the quotes are from) of things I happily enjoyed or experienced throughout the year.

Here was 2017:

  • WPSU Folk Show with Jim Colbert
  • “WTF is anime.”
  • “You’ll be dating a surfer dude in a year.”
  • “Pigs don’t live in holes.”
  • “Leave the door open for the Maple Fox.”
  • WTNV 101
  • Montclair Art Museum with NJLA Member Services Committee
  • Secret Scumbag
  • “It was probably the best Madea movie I’ve ever seen; it was also intolerable.”
  • “…call the Piscataway Library.”
  • MBMBAM: Got dragged to hell/miracles can happen and angels do exist.
  • Welcome Bee Plant
  • Pub 199 with Louisa and Juan
  • Lego Batman (movie)
  • Library going-away party
  • LLNJ / BBWAB Instagram re-post
  • Snowtubing with Kaytlyn
  • Lancaster with Kaytlyn
  • LC climbing with the Pinhos
  • “Only tell me about large mammals and extra large reptiles.”
  • “All men are dumb.”
  • Dirty Dancing with Lauren and Gina.
  • Meeting Julia and Kaleb
  • Pinhos housewarming party + their new house
  • Jennie’s pep
  • Roosevelt Presidential Library / Hyde Park with Nancy
  • Shout-out on WPSU from Jim Colbert
  • 3755 San Remo
  • Nashville – Capitol Building
  • Bonuts and biscuits with gravy at Biscuit Love
  • Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
  • Draper James
  • IHop Day
  • Doubletree cookies
  • Fiesta parking lot mayor dog
  • Clinton Presidential Library
  • “Did you break the paper dispenser?” “…I did.”
  • Cadillac Graveyard
  • Stump Dog  / Indy in Flagstaff
  • Karla, Steve, Alex B. and Meaghan B.
  • Chaucer’s
  • The Harambe – air mattress – baby prank
  • Meaghan B.’s welcome package
  • Remove animal from hole. Fix hole.
  • Camput Point sunset
  • Tacos with Jody
  • Land Shark Night
  • Grass Mountain hike
  • Poetry with the Research Librarian
  • See’s chocolates
  • Friars in Goleta
  • Donuts and coffee at St. Raphael’s
  • Surfer on April Fool’s Day
  • “Okay, don’t act like you’ve never given yourself an aggressive pep talk in the frozen foods section before.”
  • SB toasted coconut cold brew
  • “Hidey-hole surrounded by garbage and broken dreams.” Colson Whitehead
  • Lunch with Hong
  • On the interview panels
  • Easter Mass with the McGowans
  • Moby Dick early bird steak dinner
  • Arroyo Burro / Hendry’s Beach
  • Boathouse sunset and soup
  • Katie and Conner and the Pacific Ocean
  • Kelp – the most dangerous thing in the ocean
  • Earth Day
  • Tribal Seeds in Ventura
  • Los Angeles Times Book Festival at USC
  • Jessica’s thank you note
  • North branches visit
  • Sandwich bread at Patti-Cakes
  • Founding Day – Folk Orchestra
  • Hendry’s Beach with RP
  • RP’s eastside encouragement
  • On the morning bus, Randy: “You are doing a great job at the library. So warm and happy.”
  • Seaside Story Time with Jace and Cassidy
  • Ira Flatow with RP
  • “I see you at your desk and I’m just happy.”
  • “You’ve got a bus to catch.”
  • “Where are you from?” “New Jersey.”
  • Tillie Matt
  • Goleta Pier at night
  • Octopus caught off pier
  • Tacos with RP
  • Goleta Beach
  • Devereux Beach
  • Hiking with Kaytlyn
  • McConnell’s ice cream
  • Tamales
  • I Madonnari
  • Wind Canyon hike
  • Gaviota Beach – first swim in the Pacific Ocean
  • “You’re a very pleasant person.”
  • “He’s wonderful and you’re wonderful.”
  • Nite Moves
  • TJ SB
  • Brent wearing sunglasses
  • Katie Ellen show
  • Korean BBQ with Hong and Justin
  • Islands over the marine layer
  • Summer Solstice
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Saying hi to the Tamira owner
  • Shorts above the knee
  • Surfing at Campus Point
  • Everyone should have a nemesis
  • Yellow Belly / Jack’s / Wild Cat date night
  • Tamira and Uncle Chen’s owners
  • “Gruyere”
  • “How do you know how to say that word?”
  • Goleta Lemon Festival
  • When the time comes, kids
  • AG bros
  • Summer spent in Carpinteria
  • Jack’s bagels with lox spread
  • Cowgirl Blues (album)
  • Box of lemons
  • San Francisco Half Marathon
  • Siam Elephant
  • Sushi with LC and RP
  • Gilroy, CA
  • Greek Festival – gyro
  • MAC lipstick
  • Churros
  • Fiesta
  • Olguad
  • Jim the Volunteer
  • Palomas
  • Rodeo Night
  • Miami Beach
  • “Shrimp Heaven Now.”
  • Empire sushi roll
  • “You’re not a local until you run into someone on the street.” / Uncle Chen’s
  • Carpinteria Culinary Crawl
  • “Keep the squad goals attainable.”
  • Itsuki with the Ps
  • Boxing matches with the Ps
  • Thank god for Libby and the Way Back Machine
  • City Picnic
  • “Are you queuing?”
  • Dodgers vs. the San Francisco Giants – Dodgers win!
  • LA Dodgers birthday game
  • 9/27 – surprise ice cream with RP
  • Chumash pow wow
  • “You don’t need to show off – you already got the girl.”
  • Kaytlyn and Josh’s wedding
  • October weekend DTS with the family
  • Strawberry birthday cake
  • Faux Animal skeletons for Halloween
  • Sushi burritos
  • “Keep going weast
  • Tweezing Tim
  • Ambassador of Fun
  • United economy plus
  • “You always have fun weekends”
  • Harbor fest boat ride + seal sighting
  • JLSB rummage sale
  • Lunch with Nicole and Hong
  • Pozole for the Day of the Dead
  • Father’s last sermon on love
  • CLA Annual Conference 2017
  • Friday night out and about with Stacey et al
  • Bev’s resourceful egg bake and bread pudding
  • RP’s  Friendsgiving
  • “Dropped food on the floor, made a ruckus, passed out on the floor in front of children – if that hawk is still alive, it’s definitely getting suspended.”
  • “Cats I gotta check on the cats”
  • Thanksgiving
  • Dumpster out of 10
  • Santa Barbara holiday parade
  • Burger at Harry’s
  • Venice and eggslut sandwiches and Philippe’s and Mexican hot chocolate and La Placita Olvera
  • Home for Christmas
  • 2017 holiday lights at Livingston High and the Landmark
  • RP wrap bracelets
  • Breakfast with Jennie
  • Princeton 2023 with Kaytlyn and Lauren
  • PJ’s Pancake House
  • Barstow with LC and KGW
  • Campus Point lemonade at Goleta Pier
  • Lunch with Bob and Dan
  • #gotghosted
  • Lauren’s promotion
  • The La Raza exhibit at the Autry Museum
  • My going away disco fries at the Hibernia diner with friends and family

Have a happy 2018!

Love List – 10/23

Winter Is Coming – The Steel Wheels

The Folk Show – Produced by WPSU and fine purveyor of the best folk music over the airwaves. I have an alarm set on my phone so I can spend Sunday nights with TFS even across the country because no other radio shows or playlists compare. 

Farmers Markets – On Sundays I visit a local farmers market and pick-up a bouquet of mixed flowers from my favorite farmer. It’s a great to mix it up in the community and see a part of town I don’t make it out to during the week. Plus, The bouquets are $6 and stay beautiful all week. This week I changed it up and picked-up a small bouquet of roses.

Meal Prep – Last month was bonkers with Big Read programming and I practiced some level of responsbility with making meals ahead — chicken cutlets, a pitcher of iced tea, and breakfast burritos. I wrapped the burritos and put them in the freeze. Now I can have a good breakfast (or maybe breakfast for dinner…) through the week.

Community Arts Workshop – An awesome space and organization, and this month I made a small clay pendant during one of their partnership exhibit Guatemala from 33,000 km: Contemporary Art, 1960 – Present with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

October 2017 Goals: The Secret of Maple Avenue

maple leafSome autumnal, birthday sweetness from LC.

A look back at September 2017‘s goals:

  • Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding – Coming up this weekend!
  • Implement cleaning strategy – needs improvement
  • Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week) – needs improvement
  • Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl Attended and it was delightful — owe a follow-up post
  • Enter the library’s picnic entry competition (long story) Entered, but did not make the city-wide competition.
  • Read 2 books – major fail
  • Celebrate Birthday! Surprise Dodgers game!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure Fun treat and not a usual thing. 
  • Finish work plan (for work) Completed

October 2017‘s plans:

  • Schedule doctors appointments
  • Post Birthday post, Carpinteria Crawl post, and East Coast trip post
  • Finish planning the Big Read activities for work
  • Refine cleaning and blogging schedule
  • Read 2 books (or should it be 4 books at this point?)
  • Implement letter and email writing schedule
  • Celebrate a special birthday
  • Do a Halloween Hustle run
  • Clean-up and reconfigure dining area (rug, shelving, and remove remaining boxes)
  • See Rocky Horror Picture Show, locally 



Love List – 10/2

Collapsible Laundry Basket – I thought it was time to upgrade from the net hamper-turned laundry basked from college and this basket is perfect. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon bonus!

LA Dodgers – A friend surprised me for my birthday with a trip to see the LA Dodgers vs the San Francisco Giants. I’m trying not to be a band-wagoner, but I think of the Dodgers fondly by another name.

McConnell’s Ice Cream – The most excellent ice cream. While it is considered very hip and high-brow, this ice cream is simply quality, delicious ice cream from Santa Barbara. 

DuolingoI am on a personal and professional mission to learn Spanish. 

Grief Relief 5K – The Grief Relief 5K is a special annual Fall event. The 5K serves as a fundraiser to support Comfort Zone Camp, a bereavement organization that assists children who have experience the loss of a parent, sibling or caregiver via camp programs that include confidence-building activities and aged-based support groups.. It’s a special program to me and my sister. By coincidence and connection, her sorority little is a major force in the CZC community and its been a meaningful few years getting to support the organization and participate.   

Family and Friends – This week I am traveling to the mid-Atlantic. My itinerary is ambitious to say the least: SB->LA, LA->NJ, NJ->PA, PA->NJ Shore, NJ Shore->Newark Airport, NJ->LA, LA->SB. But it is worth it. I am happy in California, but it about time I see some of my people and my home again. Social media and technology has kept most people in my life – but I have majorly failed with email and letters and keeping up with some other folks. I do enjoy talking to my friend Louisa most Saturday mornings, though. (The day and time allows for long calls, as we are wont to fall into and I love the fact that she worked on a project with my friend Tony Constaine, aka Dime Sleuth in the web-world.)