What I’m Reading – 9/13

I am the reason that print journalism is still alive and I have happened to find the last place on Earth that it is mostly thriving in – as long as we ignore this thing. There are an array of local news and culture weekly newspapers. I read the Santa Barbara Independent, the Sentinel, the Montecito Journal, and the Carpinteria Coastal View. I feel like I am catching-up on my new community; learning the annual practices and events. Maybe this time next year I’ll have a more discerning palate, but for now I am eating it all up.

What are you reading?


Love List – 9/11

Texas Diaper Bank – The Texas Diaper has an Amazon wish list of items people they are serving need.

Big Read plans – My library is participating in the Big Read this fall. Yes – just the Fall. Usually libraries stretch Big Read campaigns over a year, but my library’s goal is to get it all hauled out between November 1st – December 5th. I am super excited for the festivities that we are cooking up for Station Eleven.

The Black Tapes S.3 – The best smartly spooky podcast around. Sad to see it wrap-up with this season, but looking forward to a few more weeks of crazy twists and storytelling.

Grub Street Diet – Though it makes me a little home sick to read, the New York magazine posts these weekly food journals. I reveal in mundane comings-and-goings of breakfast-making and brunches. Interestingly a lot of the journalers travel between New York and Los Angeles, so fortunately I am still getting some dining tips out of this.

A new Kitchen table and chairs – When I moved out here I purged and packed everything else into a POD because I have earthly possessions. While I’ve lived here though, I’ve done more purging as I’ve identified what works here and doesn’t. I

Best of Both Worlds – A delightful and brief weekly podcast about balancing life, time, and work with family. Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger are two of my favorite bloggers and I love learning little life tricks from them.

Yellow Belly Tap and Restaurant – I had a craving for chicken wings a few weekends ago and ended up here with a friend on Saturday night of LDW. I had been there before for brunch when Trevor and Jennie were in town – and dinner is just as excellent as brunch. It’s a cozy, neighborhood spot and there was live music. The buttermilk fried chicken sandwich was excellent. Will go again.



September and Fall Goals

New month, new music

I like September for multiple reasons. September is: my birthday month, the month school traditionally starts in the Mid-Atlantic (Hello, back to school supplies), and the month when pumpkins start popping up. In the spirit of a new school year, I am in a goal-setting. Here are my goals for September and the Fall season (September-November): 

September Goals

  • Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding
  • Implement cleaning strategy
  • Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week)
  • Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl
  • Enter the library’s picnic entry competition (long story)
  • Read 2 books
  • Celebrate Birthday!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Finish work plan (for work)

Fall Goals

Happy September!

2/30 – Santa Ynez in the Good Land

So, some friars walk into a Starbucks —

“Does this have caffeine in it?” One brother asks with a smile.

“Have you seen the light of Christ?” Another asks.

“..one of us is from California, and then we have New York, Florida, New Jersey…”

“I think the practices of the Buddhist monk are beautiful.” Nods another in conversation with a water colorist.

“I believe in coffee.”

1/30 – Missed Connections


You were the surfer in shorts concerned that the water was cold and I was the woman going to watch the sunset at Campus Point. You had a nice smile and thought I went to UCSB.

I hope you caught at least one wave before bailing.

The sunset was perfect.

Usually I don’t participate in writing challenges, but I don’t know – the 2017 poetry month challenge felt good for this year. Especially as a way for me to document my new times in California.