TBT – Banned Books Week

One of my least successful displays (from a circulation perspective). Readers were less inclined to check-out the books, but their interest was piqued (and surprised in some cases) as they turned this display into a bit of a game (the title were written on the back).



Today’s the Day – The Unlovables 

listening :: a lot of emo music (the theme of this past week) and a variety of comedy podcasts; 

reading :: NJLA conference proposals and my junk email account;

eating :: iced coffee with coconut milk (I know it is 50° outside);

writing :: a library technology class outline and my most recent reviews for Library Journal (so happy to be reviewing again);

loving :: everything about the MBMBAM community;

looking ahead :: to maybe running a race tomorrow and some peace next week. 

What are you guys up?

What I Read Last Week

MBMBAM Antimated: Smart Stuff (this is my favorite thing ever created)

What I Read Last Week:

What I Read Last Week:

What I Read Last Week:

Like white noise, but walrus sounds.