What I am I Reading – 1/17

One of the nice parts of joining a gym is that I have access to cable television again. (I have a television, but do not have cable.) I’ve been runited with good ol‘ HGTV and the posse there. When I couldn’t get enough of Fixer Upper I ended up finding the hosts’ (Chip and Joanna Gaines) book The Magnolia Story on Hoopla and listened to that over the long weekend. As a fan of the show, I loved the book and found that it provided more depth to the pair. That being said, they stay very solidly in their schtick. Other things

The Rumpus | The Ghost Ship That Didn’t Care You (Not new, but an article I like to re-read every so often)

Grub Street | Milk Bar’s First-Ever Investor Calls Christina Tosi ‘Martha Stewart for this Generation’

Bon Appetit | Thank You God, for Black Thanksgiving

New York Times | Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage



NPR | ‘I’m an American’ Radio Show Promoted Inclusion Before World War II

NJ.com | How This New Jersey Town Realized it had a Multi-Million Dollar Rodin Dust

Washington Post | Two Dying Memorists Wrote Bestsellers About Their Final Days. Then Their Spouses Fell In Love.

Food52 | The Lady Falcon Coffee Club: Home of Rule-Breaking Blends

New York Times | Raising a Truly Bilingual Child

What are you reading?






Love List – 1/15/18

A week ago my community was rocked by a devastating mudslide, directly caused by the Thomas Fire. While I am safe and sound, 6 miles away from me lives were lost and many people are without their homes. So this week, hug your family and support others in any way you can.

United Way of Ventura and the United Way of Santa Barbara

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

Sutthithepa Family Recovery Fund

Love List – 1/8/18

Charisma – Pianos Become the Teeth released this track ahead of their full album release for Wait For Love (2/16). They’ve transitioned remarkably from their early, scream-o years into equally thoughtful but more melodic.

Happier in Hollywood – I am a regular listener of the Happier podcast with Gretchen and Liz, but for whatever reason I put off listening to this companion podcast – featuring Elizabeth and her writing partner Sara. Maybe it needed to come to meet at the right time (I listened to Happier while in NJ and Gretchen lives in NY; I picked Happier in Hollywood living in SB and Liz and Sara live in LA.) In any case, this is a delightful listen.

Moleskine monthly and weekly calendars – I love the pocket size of these planners and that the weekly’s page spread has dated grids on one side and a page on the other. (Sometimes there are things I want to accomplish in a week, but necessarily a specific day!)

The Great British Bake-Off – While home-capative during the Thomas Fire and I was reacquainted with my Netflix account and have fallen deeply in love with this show. It’s the perfect white noise and the creation of “puddings” has hypnotic qualities.

Prince Harry/Meghan Markle Royal EngagementWhile you should never bind your happiness up in other people (because, ugh people are messy creatures), I am very looking forwarding to another Spring royal wedding.

FitBit Charge 2 + YMCA – For Christmas, one of my relatives very generously gifted me and my younger sister FitBit fitness trackers. Then, the YMCA ran a special with a discounted January membership rate plus waiving the joiner’s fee on their open house day. Done and done! I had been eyeing both purchases for a while, but couldn’t commit to the hefty price of either. (wtf, joiner’s fee?) This combination is a great start to 2018.

2018 Goals and January Goals

We have a bit of catching up today. I have so many words to share with you. My employer was closed from December 23 – January 1 for a combination building maintance/holiday break, so I traveled home to New Jersey for the first extended time since I moved to California (nearly!) a year ago.

That all said, these are a bit late —

18 for 18

  • Take a Spanish language class
  • See the Santa Barbara Fiesta parade
  • Take a NJ/PA trip
  • See a professional play
  • Celebrate K+F’s wedding
  • Call LB, LC, and Mike O. 3x a month.
  • Call NS 1x a month
  • Read American Wife (Curtis Sittenfeld)
  • Catch-up on The Austen Project books
  • Plan a vacation
  • Join a museum/social group
  • Earn the Stadia Board ranking with USGS National Map Corps.
  • Sign-up for a LAPL card
  • Camp the Channel Islands
  • Read 50 books
  • Get a fire extinguisher for my apartment
  • Pay off my rogue student loan and pay off half of my alternative student loan balance
  • Replace/Invest in my footwear – (those $12.99 Target flats are no longer cutting it, no matter how cute/cheap they are)

My word of 2018 is Celebration. I know, “How hard is celebrating things

2018 Races

And as for January 2018

  • Read 3 books
  • Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue
  • Assemble the bookcase
  • Confirm new insurance with my practioners
  • Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going
  • Submit paperwork to attend ALA Midwinter
  • Host my friend KW on his work trip
  • Go through the last three moving boxes


Go forth and be awesome.



2017 – A List

This time last year I was impatiently waiting to hear about the results of my background check. One year later, I am employed with the seeker of that background check and live on a completely different coast.

What a world.

Each year I keep a list (just a few words; mostly of food and I rarely remember what the quotes are from) of things I happily enjoyed or experienced throughout the year.

Here was 2017:

  • WPSU Folk Show with Jim Colbert
  • “WTF is anime.”
  • “You’ll be dating a surfer dude in a year.”
  • “Pigs don’t live in holes.”
  • “Leave the door open for the Maple Fox.”
  • WTNV 101
  • Montclair Art Museum with NJLA Member Services Committee
  • Secret Scumbag
  • “It was probably the best Madea movie I’ve ever seen; it was also intolerable.”
  • “…call the Piscataway Library.”
  • MBMBAM: Got dragged to hell/miracles can happen and angels do exist.
  • Welcome Bee Plant
  • Pub 199 with Louisa and Juan
  • Lego Batman (movie)
  • Library going-away party
  • LLNJ / BBWAB Instagram re-post
  • Snowtubing with Kaytlyn
  • Lancaster with Kaytlyn
  • LC climbing with the Pinhos
  • “Only tell me about large mammals and extra large reptiles.”
  • “All men are dumb.”
  • Dirty Dancing with Lauren and Gina.
  • Meeting Julia and Kaleb
  • Pinhos housewarming party + their new house
  • Jennie’s pep
  • Roosevelt Presidential Library / Hyde Park with Nancy
  • Shout-out on WPSU from Jim Colbert
  • 3755 San Remo
  • Nashville – Capitol Building
  • Bonuts and biscuits with gravy at Biscuit Love
  • Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
  • Draper James
  • IHop Day
  • Doubletree cookies
  • Fiesta parking lot mayor dog
  • Clinton Presidential Library
  • “Did you break the paper dispenser?” “…I did.”
  • Cadillac Graveyard
  • Stump Dog  / Indy in Flagstaff
  • Karla, Steve, Alex B. and Meaghan B.
  • Chaucer’s
  • The Harambe – air mattress – baby prank
  • Meaghan B.’s welcome package
  • Remove animal from hole. Fix hole.
  • Camput Point sunset
  • Tacos with Jody
  • Land Shark Night
  • Grass Mountain hike
  • Poetry with the Research Librarian
  • See’s chocolates
  • Friars in Goleta
  • Donuts and coffee at St. Raphael’s
  • Surfer on April Fool’s Day
  • “Okay, don’t act like you’ve never given yourself an aggressive pep talk in the frozen foods section before.”
  • SB toasted coconut cold brew
  • “Hidey-hole surrounded by garbage and broken dreams.” Colson Whitehead
  • Lunch with Hong
  • On the interview panels
  • Easter Mass with the McGowans
  • Moby Dick early bird steak dinner
  • Arroyo Burro / Hendry’s Beach
  • Boathouse sunset and soup
  • Katie and Conner and the Pacific Ocean
  • Kelp – the most dangerous thing in the ocean
  • Earth Day
  • Tribal Seeds in Ventura
  • Los Angeles Times Book Festival at USC
  • Jessica’s thank you note
  • North branches visit
  • Sandwich bread at Patti-Cakes
  • Founding Day – Folk Orchestra
  • Hendry’s Beach with RP
  • RP’s eastside encouragement
  • On the morning bus, Randy: “You are doing a great job at the library. So warm and happy.”
  • Seaside Story Time with Jace and Cassidy
  • Ira Flatow with RP
  • “I see you at your desk and I’m just happy.”
  • “You’ve got a bus to catch.”
  • “Where are you from?” “New Jersey.”
  • Tillie Matt
  • Goleta Pier at night
  • Octopus caught off pier
  • Tacos with RP
  • Goleta Beach
  • Devereux Beach
  • Hiking with Kaytlyn
  • McConnell’s ice cream
  • Tamales
  • I Madonnari
  • Wind Canyon hike
  • Gaviota Beach – first swim in the Pacific Ocean
  • “You’re a very pleasant person.”
  • “He’s wonderful and you’re wonderful.”
  • Nite Moves
  • TJ SB
  • Brent wearing sunglasses
  • Katie Ellen show
  • Korean BBQ with Hong and Justin
  • Islands over the marine layer
  • Summer Solstice
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Saying hi to the Tamira owner
  • Shorts above the knee
  • Surfing at Campus Point
  • Everyone should have a nemesis
  • Yellow Belly / Jack’s / Wild Cat date night
  • Tamira and Uncle Chen’s owners
  • “Gruyere”
  • “How do you know how to say that word?”
  • Goleta Lemon Festival
  • When the time comes, kids
  • AG bros
  • Summer spent in Carpinteria
  • Jack’s bagels with lox spread
  • Cowgirl Blues (album)
  • Box of lemons
  • San Francisco Half Marathon
  • Siam Elephant
  • Sushi with LC and RP
  • Gilroy, CA
  • Greek Festival – gyro
  • MAC lipstick
  • Churros
  • Fiesta
  • Olguad
  • Jim the Volunteer
  • Palomas
  • Rodeo Night
  • Miami Beach
  • “Shrimp Heaven Now.”
  • Empire sushi roll
  • “You’re not a local until you run into someone on the street.” / Uncle Chen’s
  • Carpinteria Culinary Crawl
  • “Keep the squad goals attainable.”
  • Itsuki with the Ps
  • Boxing matches with the Ps
  • Thank god for Libby and the Way Back Machine
  • City Picnic
  • “Are you queuing?”
  • Dodgers vs. the San Francisco Giants – Dodgers win!
  • LA Dodgers birthday game
  • 9/27 – surprise ice cream with RP
  • Chumash pow wow
  • “You don’t need to show off – you already got the girl.”
  • Kaytlyn and Josh’s wedding
  • October weekend DTS with the family
  • Strawberry birthday cake
  • Faux Animal skeletons for Halloween
  • Sushi burritos
  • “Keep going weast
  • Tweezing Tim
  • Ambassador of Fun
  • United economy plus
  • “You always have fun weekends”
  • Harbor fest boat ride + seal sighting
  • JLSB rummage sale
  • Lunch with Nicole and Hong
  • Pozole for the Day of the Dead
  • Father’s last sermon on love
  • CLA Annual Conference 2017
  • Friday night out and about with Stacey et al
  • Bev’s resourceful egg bake and bread pudding
  • RP’s  Friendsgiving
  • “Dropped food on the floor, made a ruckus, passed out on the floor in front of children – if that hawk is still alive, it’s definitely getting suspended.”
  • “Cats I gotta check on the cats”
  • Thanksgiving
  • Dumpster out of 10
  • Santa Barbara holiday parade
  • Burger at Harry’s
  • Venice and eggslut sandwiches and Philippe’s and Mexican hot chocolate and La Placita Olvera
  • Home for Christmas
  • 2017 holiday lights at Livingston High and the Landmark
  • RP wrap bracelets
  • Breakfast with Jennie
  • Princeton 2023 with Kaytlyn and Lauren
  • PJ’s Pancake House
  • Barstow with LC and KGW
  • Campus Point lemonade at Goleta Pier
  • Lunch with Bob and Dan
  • #gotghosted
  • Lauren’s promotion
  • The La Raza exhibit at the Autry Museum
  • My going away disco fries at the Hibernia diner with friends and family

Have a happy 2018!

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What I’m Reading – 10/25

I didn’t know what to wear to my brother’s funeral | Racked

Work and the Loneliness Epidemic | Harvard Business Review

Dirty John (Series) | Los Angeles Times

It’s Tempting to Dump Your Grievances During a Break-up. Don’t Do It. | Washington Post

Nancy Meyers’ Favorite Movie Food Scenes Are Inspired by Ina Garten | Bon Appetit

Plus, Station Eleven (SB Reads 2017 selection).


Love List – 10/23

Winter Is Coming – The Steel Wheels

The Folk Show – Produced by WPSU and fine purveyor of the best folk music over the airwaves. I have an alarm set on my phone so I can spend Sunday nights with TFS even across the country because no other radio shows or playlists compare. 

Farmers Markets – On Sundays I visit a local farmers market and pick-up a bouquet of mixed flowers from my favorite farmer. It’s a great to mix it up in the community and see a part of town I don’t make it out to during the week. Plus, The bouquets are $6 and stay beautiful all week. This week I changed it up and picked-up a small bouquet of roses.

Meal Prep – Last month was bonkers with Big Read programming and I practiced some level of responsbility with making meals ahead — chicken cutlets, a pitcher of iced tea, and breakfast burritos. I wrapped the burritos and put them in the freeze. Now I can have a good breakfast (or maybe breakfast for dinner…) through the week.

Community Arts Workshop – An awesome space and organization, and this month I made a small clay pendant during one of their partnership exhibit Guatemala from 33,000 km: Contemporary Art, 1960 – Present with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

October 2017 Goals: The Secret of Maple Avenue

maple leafSome autumnal, birthday sweetness from LC.

A look back at September 2017‘s goals:

  • Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding – Coming up this weekend!
  • Implement cleaning strategy – needs improvement
  • Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week) – needs improvement
  • Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl Attended and it was delightful — owe a follow-up post
  • Enter the library’s picnic entry competition (long story) Entered, but did not make the city-wide competition.
  • Read 2 books – major fail
  • Celebrate Birthday! Surprise Dodgers game!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure Fun treat and not a usual thing. 
  • Finish work plan (for work) Completed

October 2017‘s plans:

  • Schedule doctors appointments
  • Post Birthday post, Carpinteria Crawl post, and East Coast trip post
  • Finish planning the Big Read activities for work
  • Refine cleaning and blogging schedule
  • Read 2 books (or should it be 4 books at this point?)
  • Implement letter and email writing schedule
  • Celebrate a special birthday
  • Do a Halloween Hustle run
  • Clean-up and reconfigure dining area (rug, shelving, and remove remaining boxes)
  • See Rocky Horror Picture Show, locally 



Love List – 10/2

Collapsible Laundry Basket – I thought it was time to upgrade from the net hamper-turned laundry basked from college and this basket is perfect. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon bonus!

LA Dodgers – A friend surprised me for my birthday with a trip to see the LA Dodgers vs the San Francisco Giants. I’m trying not to be a band-wagoner, but I think of the Dodgers fondly by another name.

McConnell’s Ice Cream – The most excellent ice cream. While it is considered very hip and high-brow, this ice cream is simply quality, delicious ice cream from Santa Barbara. 

DuolingoI am on a personal and professional mission to learn Spanish. 

Grief Relief 5K – The Grief Relief 5K is a special annual Fall event. The 5K serves as a fundraiser to support Comfort Zone Camp, a bereavement organization that assists children who have experience the loss of a parent, sibling or caregiver via camp programs that include confidence-building activities and aged-based support groups.. It’s a special program to me and my sister. By coincidence and connection, her sorority little is a major force in the CZC community and its been a meaningful few years getting to support the organization and participate.   

Family and Friends – This week I am traveling to the mid-Atlantic. My itinerary is ambitious to say the least: SB->LA, LA->NJ, NJ->PA, PA->NJ Shore, NJ Shore->Newark Airport, NJ->LA, LA->SB. But it is worth it. I am happy in California, but it about time I see some of my people and my home again. Social media and technology has kept most people in my life – but I have majorly failed with email and letters and keeping up with some other folks. I do enjoy talking to my friend Louisa most Saturday mornings, though. (The day and time allows for long calls, as we are wont to fall into and I love the fact that she worked on a project with my friend Tony Constaine, aka Dime Sleuth in the web-world.)


Lately – 9/29

listening :: to the new Mastodon EP (the above is my favorite track – this is the live performance, where I think the three of trying to clap together is charming) and the Wonderful podcast with Griffin and Rachel McElroy; 

reading :: Duolingo, daily;

drinking :: a lot of water;

making :: meatballs and travel plans;

thinking :: about new routines and habits, and OPAC improvements;

loving :: these pens have been rocking my world and Trader Joe’s pre-sliced mozzarella;

looking ahead :: the Chumash pow-wow and KPCC Open HouseKPCC Open House this weekend, and traveling to New Jersey/PA for…K+J’s wedding!

What are you guys up?