Hello, World!* My name is Cassidy Charles and I am a digital services librarian as well as a literacy tutor, and runner in California. I have experience helping people in suburban, urban, and rural public libraries, in addition to library instruction and information literacy in academic libraries.

I believe that libraries are still relevant in the 21st century as cultural centers and learning communities. My story begins in my hometown library‘s meeting room during story time. Years later, I still believe in the power that libraries and stories posses — from helping one user at a time.

About the blog

The blog, Tales from the Book Drop, was initially intended to document my experience pursuing an M.L.I.S., but now also captures my observations about the field of library and information science in addition to reviews of different books and movies that I encounter – all of which is peppered with a dash of humor. My resume and portfolio artifacts are also available.


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  1. gdevi says:

    Hello Cassidy, so nice to hear from you. Your blog looks interesting. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch, Cassidy. Thanks-Dr. Devi

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