C’est La Vie

listening :: the front bottoms’ new single & too beautiful to live. I also always look forward to listening to BBC World News on my commute to work on Fridays.

watching :: staffer recommended “The Queen of Versailles”, a documentary from Sundance.

reading :: book chapters and journal articles for school. Sometimes Battleborn and Saga when I remember to go to Ray & Judy’s. Coworker and I are also planning how we can get the sample issue of Garden and Gun out of our supervisor’s mess box.

wanting :: a chai tea latte and lunch – Tito’s Burritos.

working :: on final projects, journals, and the 2013 arts fest banner.

writing :: a journal entry for management class & an outline for HWB.

smelling :: wet grass and rain.

thinking :: about how much easier life would be by disengaging from the status quo, and the job “meeting” that I had on Monday. Also, my 3 drives to RU next week.

What are you guys up to?

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

Posted in: Fun

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