Podcast: SBPL Coffee Break

My coworker and I launched a podcast with our library! 

We look forward to talking to our coworkers and community members about anything and everything related to libraries, reading, music, coffee, and community. 


What I Read Last Week – 4/18/18


Peach Scone – Hobo Johnson & The LoveMakers

Weekend Wandering and Love List – 4/9/18


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fairly low-key with time spent working out and running errands. The weather was perfect on Sunday (sunny, warm, and not windy) so a friend and I spent some time at the beach. 

Guyout Designs Splashguard (REI) – I love my Nalgene water bottles for how simple they are and how much volume they hold, but there is a functionality issue with drinking while moving. These little inserts solve that and make drinking out of a Nalgene considerably easier. 

Donating blood – Okay, so I’m not a ghoul and I also know that the history is complicated, but I first donated blood when I was 17 and have tried to donate regularly since. <1% of the US population has my blood type, so I figure…every little bit helps? And in any case, I always chat with interesting people at the donation stations. 

Shoreline Cafe – One of the first places I ate out at in Santa Barbara and their burger and fries are simple and delicious. I will also testify that their fish tacos and margarita are excellent; all of which are best enjoyed with your feet in the sand on the back patio. 

Have a good week!

Love List – 4/1/18

2018 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team – Never fails to crack me up

Smiling Mind app – As meditation is trendy and there are plenty of apps and programs profiteering from said trend, Smiling Mind is a delightful and slightly bizarre non-profit organization interested in getting people to pay attention more through mindfulness meditation. Plus, there are so many courses to go down and the guide has a wonderful Austrailian lilt to their voice. 

Cheryl’s cookies – My aunt’s family sent me an Easter basket from Cheryl’s and holy cow – the frosted sugar cookies are so good. 

Los Angeles Public Library – California is a wonderful place where for most libraries, as long as you live somewhere in the state of California and have something that proves that, you can get a library card. SBPL is one of those places, as well as the Los Angeles Public Library system. LAPL is not especially close to me to borrow books from, but libraries aren’t just about the books.

Small life update – A few weeks ago I had an accident. I was helping a friend down a flight of stairs who was new to using crutches. It did not completely well; We were both fine, but I landed mostly on my nose. I have been diagnosed with a “nondisplaced fracture.” My nose is broken…in place, which is great and horrifying at the same time. 

Have a good week.



April 2018 Goals

April 2018

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Revisiting January 2018

  • Read 3 books – nope
  • Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue – ugh 50/50
  • Assemble the bookcase – Done! Which was a nightmare and involved damaged parts and return/refund policies
  • Confirm new insurance with my practitioners – Done!
  • Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going – Done! And I’ve written about loving it
  • Submit paperwork to attend ALA Midwinter – Done! #MW18 was great
  • Host my friend KW on his work trip – Done! It was lovely having a friend in town
  • Go through the last three moving boxes -…

April 2018

Happy April!

What I Read Last Week – 3/14/18

Happy Pi Day!

Lately – 3/9/18

Pale Beneath The Tan (Squeeze ) – The Front Bottoms

We were graced with exciting news this week that the Grandma series will actually be a series. I would’ve been perfectly happy with just Rose, but hearing this track and other mastered will be awesome. 

listening :: to re-vamped The Splendid Table (which is inspiring my creatively and thoughtfully in so many ways) and the also re-vamped Live From Here with Chris Thile (formerly A Praire Home Companion);

reading :: NYT Mini Vows column, and getting through my library stack this weekend;

drinking :: Gatorade (see below: loving);

feeling :: inexplicably muddled;

loving :: applesauce (reunited because of a minor bout of food poisoning), phone calls with friends, and the Marinara Timer Chrome extension;

looking ahead :: to a bit of hopeful-not-destructive weekend rain, some St. Patrick’s Day plans, and just being.

What are you guys up?

What I Read Last Week – 2/28/18

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka

These are actually a bunch I’ve had in the queue for awhile, but I am still happy to share them.

Have a good day


Love List – 2/26/18

Kacey Musgraves has a new album coming out on March 30! I am very happy with these two teaser tracks. 

^I love these wreaths. I couldn’t resist the seasonal cheer. They are from Michaels and were both discounted at 40% off when I purchased them separately. Don’t be a dummy and always wait for the Michaels inevitable sale. 

Justin portable chargerI too often forget that I own this. I use it while traveling (when I remember to charge it), and I used it over the weekend when I went to the gym with a precariously low-battery cellphone (Thanks, Apple) – my workout worked-out because of it.

Audiobooks – With half marathon training has come more time spent at the gym and exercising – which is my prime time for audio media consumption! I used to be an avid commute listener to podcasts, but my current commute requires more alertness and my podcast line-up got a bit stale, so enter audiobooks. My first was The Magnolia Story (which will be a whole post within itself) and now I am on to When Dimple Met Rishi. The narrator is so critical for an audiobook to be enjoyable, and these two crushed it. Real thanks to my library’s subscription to Hoopla for this love.